How to get started with InstaSPIN™ and MotorWare™ software

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Blog post co-authored by Blessing Osakue.

You have a C2000™ m icrocontroller (MCU) with embedded InstaSPIN™ motor control software, and you are running Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment (IDE), but what’s next? How do you transition from setup to rapid development? TI has developed MotorWare™ software to bridge the gap between setup and development with our InstaSPIN technology. This blog post will get your feet wet with an overview of MotorWare and the functionality it provides. We will discuss:


  1. What MotorWare is
  2. Key MotorWare features
  3. Example projects
  4. Resources provided by MotorWare
  5. MotorWare and Code Composer Studio IDE integration


What MotorWare Is

MotorWare provides documentation, direct access to source code and a centralized location for TI InstaSPIN software resources, which include: modules, drivers, quick start guides, step-by-step instructions and illustrations, user guides, hardware guides and example projects. At the core of MotorWare software is an Object Oriented inspired C API. The user interface allows the API to be browsed and consumed from a central location.


Key MotorWare Features  

Control Panel

The Control Panel is key to accessing our resources. On the left side of the application, the panel features an expanding dropdown menu. Selecting an item from the menu displays a description of the item in the viewing window to the left of the panel. Clicking on the arrow of the item will toggle the display of any related resources. The panel also has a search feature which allows quick access to a particular resource.

OO-API (Object Oriented API)

The documentation for the modules and drivers are viewable from MotorWare. The API pages allow the documentation to be viewed from a module, data structure and file perspective. Detailed descriptions are provided for every part of the API.


Step-by-Step Instructions and Illustrations

MotorWare includes instructions for hardware setups and software installations. When applicable, illustrations complement written instructions to provide clarity and remove the guess work that sometimes accompany hardware setups and software installations.


Example Projects

For every device-specific kit in MotorWare, there are Code Composer Studio IDE example projects. Selecting the ‘Examples Projects’ item from the control panel displays the description of each of its respective example projects in the viewer on the right. Selecting an example project (or lab) displays the Code Composer Studio IDE import instructions. Some example projects for the C2000 Piccolo™ F2805x Isolated USB controlCARD are:

  • CPU and Inverter Set-up and introduction to interfacing to the ROM library (F2805xF)
  • Using InstaSPIN-FOC™ for the first time, Motor ID, full control system from ROM (F2805xF)
  • Advanced Motor ID for low inductance motors (F2805xF)
  • Inertia Identification (F2805xM)
  • Running the SpinTAC™ Velocity Controller (F2805xM)
  • Tuning the SpinTAC Velocity Controller (F2805xM)


Resources Provided by MotorWare

The ‘Resources’ menu item in MotorWare provides additional software and hardware documents. This is where you will get direct access to coding standards, software architecture and InstaSPIN project/lab user guides. Under this menu item, we also find hardware specifics for controlCards, drives, the F28027F LaunchPad and the DRV8301 Motor Drive BoosterPack. These hardware specifics include:  TRMs, schematics, BOMS, pin out and pin mux options, Gerber files and source code. For example, the resources provided for the Piccolo F2805x Isolated USB controlCARD are:

 A tool folder ( tool page)

  • Kit Readme file
  • GUI quick start guide
  • Hardware guide
  • Hardware files*

 *MotorWare accesses hardware files from your controlSUITE installation. Grab your free copy of controlSUITE.


MotorWare and Code Composer Studio IDE Integration

MotorWare is a stand-alone TI resource explorer. Because of this, the application can be integrated directly into Code Composer Studio IDE.

  1. Open in Code Composer Studio IDE v6
  2. Open the TI Resource Explorer panel  Click the “Add additional packages” icon .
    1. From the main menu at the top, select View
    2. Select the Getting Started view
    3. Click the Browse Projects button
  3. A “Package Configuration” window should appear. Click “add”.
  4. Set the path to your MotorWare installation directory (C:\ti\motorware) and click Ok.

The resource accessibility MotorWare provides makes it a must-have for InstaSPIN development.  You will be able to directly view modules, drivers, quick start guides, step-by-step instructions and illustrations, user guides, hardware guides and example projects from MotorWare. You can download MotorWare here to get started. Check out more of our online resources below.


Do you have an InstaSPIN project created or in the works? We’d love if you would share it with the community! Leave a description of your project and a link to its GIT repository in the comment section below.


Online Downloads and Resources

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