If you missed it - #TImotorHr recap

Other Parts Discussed in Post: BOOST-DRV8711

Wow! What a fantastic motor Twitter chat we had yesterday! Thank you to all who joined and participated for your feedback and questions! Dave and I both had a great time getting to engage with you on Twitter. We liked seeing how you are using motors and enjoyed trying our best to answer all your motor questions!

In case you missed the chat, get the complete recap below or see the chat on Twitter using #TImotorHr! Have any motor questions we didn’t get to? Be sure to include them in the comments of this blog or visit the Motor Driver Forum in TI’s E2E™ Community to check out existing posts from engineers already using motors, or create a new thread to address your specific need.

Thanks again for your participation!

#TImotorHr recap

Question 1

MikeCowgill: #TImotorHr They spin them right round, like a record baby, round round. #80sMusic

adroit_91: MSP430 for basic stuff (PMDCs, Steppers, etc), C2000 for precision, Tiva could also do it. And, a lot of DRV.* ICs to drive!

stevet49analog: Hi guys---I love Digital control. How accurate are sensorless vs. position or velocity sensors on the motor shaft? #TImotorhr

AlSaibie: by PWMing

TXInstruments A1: TI’s mission is to make spinning motors easier for you. We want to help spin motors safer, quicker, more efficiently at a lower system cost.

Question 2

TXInstruments A2: It’s important devices comply w/ automotive & industrial safety standards. Look for ISO26262/ASIL-D & ISO61508/SIL-3 compliant devices.

Question 3

adroit_91: Low cost personal mobility vehicles for disabled. #TImotorHr

FClante: An RC Car for my Daughter ;-)

wojstod: Light motorized vehicle on rails for internal industrial use

Aeroengineer1: desktop pick and place machine on @eetimes. Looking at closed loop bldc drive.

Question 4

Stevet49analog: #TImotorhr BLDC is used for Drones

FClante: #TImotorHr Brushed

JubertDias: BLDC motors are high efficient for power because they don't have brushes with reduces sparks.

JubertDias: #BLDC motors must be used for frequent operation.Eg: cabinet fans, mixing stirrers in laboratory, hard drives, drones..etc

Question 5

adroit_91: #TImotorHr Depending upon what is important - precision (stepper) or freewheeling powerful drive (PMDC).

Stevet49analog: #TImotorhr For smooth motion---BLDC

Fclante: #TimotorHr Usually I look for the part most suited, then price.so if the stepper drv meet my rq. I go with that.

adroit_91: #TImotorHr We usually look at the overdrive capability, maximum frequency and efficiency (specially for battery powered ones)

A5: Check out http://ow.ly/zNHaA for selecting brushed DC motor drivers & http://ow.ly/zNHQ7 for stepper drivers.

Question 6

adroit_91: #TImotorHr Depending upon what is important - precision (stepper) or freewheeling powerful drive (PMDC).

A6: Thermal performance/current ratings are determined by the drivers FET resistance (RDSON) and package thermal performance (theta JA)

Question 7

CptButtermilk:#TImotorHr Low RDSon MOSFETs

A7: Integrated advantages: smaller board space, simpler design, quicker time to market, better performance & improved protection. #TImotorHr

Question 8

CptButtermilk: #TImotorHr Q:8 instaspin

A8: Short answer: you have to do a stability analysis. Long answer: http://ow.ly/zNOYW #TImotorHr Hope this helps @adroit_91.


Additional Questions:

Stevet49analog: Hi guys---I love Digital control but how accurate are sensorless vs. position or velocity sensors on the motor shaft?

TXInstruments: Generally, a few degrees of angle error, but is dependent on several factors. #TImotorHr

rei_vilo: Any plan to release a #BoosterPack with motor controllers for #TImotorHr: DC, counter, stepper?

TXInstruments: Good news! In May, we released the BOOST-DRV8711. It’s a stepper gate driver + TI Next FETs #TIMotorHr http://ow.ly/zNIjw 

FClante: #TimotorHr What is the easiest way to control HVAC's with TI parts?

TXInstruments: Using C2000 microcontrollers which contain InstaSPIN-FOC software, like the F28069F  More: http://ow.ly/zNHJV

CptButtermilk: #TImotorHr can you use instaspin for stepper motors too?

TXInstruments: Yes, but we don't have a solution ready for the market quite yet! Subscribe to http://ow.ly/zNJ9R  for updates! #Timotorhr

Stevet49analog: #TImotorhr Switched Reluctance motors are difficult to ramp torque smoothly. Are there ways to help with Digital control?

TXInstruments: Yes. W/digital control you can handle the motor nonlinearities more effectively + overlap current profiles from phase2phase.

Q: why do integrated motor drivers have much higher Rdson compared to discrete mosfets?

TXInstruments: FET process optimized for RDSON and cost; Integrated process is mixed signal, supporting digital, analog, & RDSON #TImotorHr