Save the date: #TImotorHr on July 31

Most people don’t realize just how vast the field of motor control is. In fact, when you think about it, motor control is the biggest sandbox in engineering! It encompasses field theory, analog design, digital design, control theory, filter design, digital signal processing, power electronics, sensor design, EMI, heat transfer, mechanical dynamics, and embedded software engineering, all rolled up into one package.

Because motors are such a widespread application, questions about this complex technology are bound to come up! With this in mind, we would like to invite you to our Twitter chat covering all-things motors on Thursday, July 31, from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CT.

The Twitter chat will be an opportunity for you to ask any burning questions you may have about motors. My colleague, Mike Firth, and myself will do our very best to answer your questions and direct you to the best resources in the motor field. We’re also looking forward to getting some insight from you about what may be your biggest concerns or your opinion on how the technology is changing.

Join in the conversation by using the hashtag #TImotorHr and watch the @TXInstruments’ handle for questions and answers from Mike and me. I’ve also heard rumor that an exciting surprise will be announced at the end of the chat, so stay tuned!

Some of you may be asking, “Who will I be talking to on the other end of the Twitter connection?” Great question! One I would ask myself. To learn a little more about me and my colleague, Mike, keep reading:

Mike Firth

Mike Firth is the marketing manager for the Motor Driver Business Unit at Texas Instruments Incorporated. He is responsible for overseeing the marketing efforts of TI’s DRV8x and DRV10x motor drivers and DRV5x Hall sensors. With 20 years’ experience working in the IC industry, his professional experience includes a variety of positions in business development and product marketing.  Mike holds a BS in Engineering Physics from the University of Oklahoma. 

Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson is a senior engineer in the C2000 MCU group focusing on motor control applications. In his current assignment, Dave focuses on algorithm development and motor control systems simulation.  He has 35 years of experience working on projects ranging from nuclear pulse processing to artificial intelligence pattern recognition. He has designed motor control systems as simple as trigger controls for power tools, and as complex as a six-axis DSP servo stage controller for a scanning electron microscope. He is the author of several articles, patents, and conference papers related to motor control. Dave holds a BSEE from John Brown University and an MSEE from the University of Wisconsin.  His passions include hiking, camping, photography, guitar, target shooting, and, of course, rotating metal.

Looking forward to chatting with you during #TImotorHr!