CES and dead battery anxiety: what’s the connection?

At CES many of us often suffer from dead battery anxiety, aka DBA. We find ourselves tracking the charge level on our smartphone and other portable devices constantly. Tradeshows demand that we stay connected in real time to co-workers, the office, customers, guests, and most importantly family.

With the need to stay connected, you’ve got to have communication devices with long operational lives and a convenient way of recharging. However, it is inevitable that you forget your charger or can’t connect to a charger for a significant period of time. This is when dead battery anxiety sets-in.

Not to worry, TI is on the frontlines of DBA with battery management solutions like smart battery charge management and accurate fuel gauging, along with charging via contactless power or renewable energy sources like ambient light, solar, thermal, vibration and etc.

For a full overview of our battery management solutions portfolio, download our Battery Management Solutions Guide by clicking here. Also check out our bq25504 boost charger for nano power energy harvesting at www.ti.com/bq25504-pr , and view our bqTESLA wireless power solutions portfolio at www.ti.com/wirelesspower-pr.

If you're attending CES, stop by Meeting Place # N226 which is located in the Las Vegas Conventer Center (LVCC) on the upper level of the north hall.