Introducing TI’s new Power Solution Video Series

Over the next several months TI will be rolling out a new Power Solution video series, which will break down a variety of power solutions, ranging anywhere from telecomm to LED lighting solutions.  

The new series, which will be hosted right here on TI’s Power House, blog will highlight several new and existing products that will help streamline your innovative designs. To kick of the new Power Solution series Technical Sales Associate, Eric Schulte and Strategic Marketing Manager for TI's Line Power Solutions, George Lakkas will break down two different Telecomm Power Solutions

In Video #1 below, Eric walks us through a high-efficiency AC/DC and isolated DC/DC telecom power solution and in the 2nd video both Eric and George discuss a point-of-load DC/DC power design optimized for telecom power solutions.  

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For more information on the products mentioned in the telecom videos above, check out the following:

-          LM5027: Voltage Mode Active Clamp Controller

-          LM5035: PWM Controller with Integrated Half-Bridge and SyncFET Drivers

-          LM5039: Half-Bridge PWM Controller with Advanced Current Limit

-          LM5045: Full-Bridge PWM Controller with Integrated MOSFET Drivers

-          LM5046: Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge PWM Controller with Integrated MOSFET Drivers

-          UCC28250: Advanced PWM Controller with Pre-Bias Operation

-          UCC25230: 12V to 105V Input, 0.2A Output Switching Converter

-          UCC2897a: Advanced Current-Mode Active Clamp PWM Controller

-          TPS54622: 4.5V to 17V Input, 6A Synchronous Step-Down Converter with Hiccup Current Limit

-          LM21305: 5A Adjustable Frequency Synchronous Buck Regulator from the PowerWise® Family

-          TPS54618: 2.95V to 6V Input, 6A, Synchronous Step-Down Converter

-          LM27402: High Performance Synchronous Buck Controller with DCR Current Sensing


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