Altium and WEBENCH – together at last

Daniel Fernsebner is a guest blogger and director of global services and developer network at Altium.

For many years, Texas Instruments and Altium, the provider of Altium Designer 3D PCB design software, have worked independently to bring you tools to help get your electronic designs to market faster.

Today, through a collaborative effort, we offer WEBENCH® Altium Connector, a blend of TI’s WEBENCH power design and simulation tools with Altium’s EDA tool suite.

This powerful platform provides you with the first end-to-end analog circuit design and simulation environment, including everything from creating the power supply and simulating the complete circuit to creating the PCB layout.

WEBENCH Altium Connector provides both a seamless interface to the online WEBENCH® Design Center and an offline interface to the WEBENCH® Simulation Engine.  This allows you to:

  • Seamlessly connect between Altium Design and TI's WEBENCH Power Designer and Architect.
  • Access the entire WEBENCH Designer tool suite in Altium, including Power Designer and Architect, FPGA and Microprocessor Power Architect, Filter Designer, Clock Architect and LED Architect.
  • Use the WEBENCH simulation test bench in Altium, which includes TI models and simulation settings.
  • Get fast and accurate analog circuit simulation for any circuit design inside Altium with the WEBENCH simulation engine.

When using WEBENCH Altium Connector, you will find that the WEBENCH Design Center and Simulation Engine help enormously with the development of power, lighting, filtering, clocking and sensing designs.  They allow you to generate, optimize and simulate designs, while making the necessary value-based tradeoffs to meet your design and supply chain requirements.

WEBENCH Altium Connector is available to all Altium Designer subscribers as a cost-free extension.  Click here for more information.

If you want to try it out, click here to start a free trial of Altium Designer and here for tips and tricks on how to navigate WEBENCH Power Designer and Architect.