TI empowers design engineers at APEC

Join Texas Instruments at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), March 4-8, in San Antonio, Texas to experience the latest innovation in key applications, interactive design stations and advice from our experts. Take a tour of our APEC booth:

See a full list of TI's APEC demos to see new products and end-to-end power-management system solutions including hardware, software and reference designs that give designers the power to:


  • Nanosecond GaN Driver for High-Resolution LIDAR Lasers: An industry first in size, speed and power density, see a LIDAR laser driver with GaN FETs designed for high-resolution industrial LIDAR systems. It features the LMG1020 high-speed GaN driver, capable of delivering 100W in less than 1ns and enabling 300m-range LIDAR vision while ensuring eye safety. Download the TIDA-01573 reference design of a nanosecond laser driver for LIDAR.

  • 8kW Three-Phase Bidirectional Grid Link with GaN: Developed jointly by Siemens and Texas Instruments, this innovative solution demonstrates a high-frequency bidirectional multilevel converter between a three-phase AC grid (400V-480V) and a DC bus (650V-800V) using TI’s LMG3410 600V GaN power stage and C2000™ dual-core Delfino™ real-time controller. With 99% peak efficiency and less than 1% THD, this solution delivers 8kW of power in grid-connected applications such as PV inverters, offline PFC, HEV/EV on-board chargers and high-voltage battery storage systems. Discover how TI is taking GaN on the grid:

  • Industry’s First Three-Level 6A Parallel Battery Charger: See the first integrated three-level converter for battery charging that reduces PCB footprints by 60% while also increasing efficiency by 5%, bringing it to a high of 95%. This demonstration features the new bq25910, charging in parallel with an earlier-generation device.

  • 92% Efficient, 30W/in3 60W USB Power Delivery AC/DC Adapter: This fully tested, USB Power Delivery reference design is a high-efficiency, high power density, AC/DC adapter solution with a wide input-voltage range (85-265VAC) for laptop adapters and smartphone charger applications. The 65W USB Power Delivery AC/DC adapter uses the active clamp flyback topology to achieve up to 92% efficiency at a density of 30W/in3. Featuring the UCC28780 flyback controller and UCC24612 controller, the design can cut the solution size of adapters for laptops in half. Download the TIDA-01622 reference design.

  • Experience the Design Simplicity that Power Modules Provide: TI’s portfolio of power modules provide industry-best solution size. The LMZM23601 is the industry’s smallest 36V, 1A power module that requires only two external components. This inverting regulator demonstration takes a nominal 24V input and generates a range of negative output voltages. In addition, the 17V, 8A TPSM84824 demonstrates the excellent transient response achieved with TurboTrans™ technology. 

  • The Industry’s Fastest and Most Efficient CrM Totem-Pole PFC Design: This critical conduction-mode reference design features TI’s 600V GaN power-stage technology and Piccolo™ F280049 controller to achieve up to 99% efficiency at full load. The 1MHz, high-density-interleaved 1.6kW design is ideal for space-constrained applications such as server, telecom and industrial power supplies. Interleaving the power stages reduces input and output ripple currents. The hardware of this device is designed to pass conducted emissions and surge requirements, helping designers achieve 80 Plus Titanium specifications. Download the TIDA-00961 reference design.


  • Get to market faster – WEBENCH® Power Supply Design tool: Analyze and interpret designs with WEBENCH Power Design tools. Go beyond the traditional concerns of performance, footprint and cost with tools that mitigate electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise and handle noise-sensitive loads. Start a design now at TI.com/WEBENCH.
  • Work smarter, not harder - Power Stage Designer ™ tool: Power Stage Designer™ is a JAVA based tool that helps engineers accelerate their power-supply designs by calculating voltages and currents of 20 topologies according to the user’s inputs. Additionally, Power Stage Designer contains a Bode plotting tool and a toolbox with various functions to make power supply design easier. Because all calculations are executed in real time, this is the quickest tool to start a new power supply design. 


  • Join TI at technical sessionsJoin TI power experts at more than 30 technical sessions covering topics such as renewable energy systems, wireless technology and GaN device reliability validation. 
  • Power up: 6 power management trends to address growing energy requirements: Circuit designers are seeking innovative technologies to address power-management challenges presented by fast-growing global energy consumption. Read the blog to see the 6 trends addressing some of their toughest requirements.
  • Power waveforms and equations and more, oh my!: Download the Power Topologies Handbook for waveforms and equations of the most common hard switched power supply topologies and the soft switched Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge.
  • Get a TI Power Management Lab KitCheck out the TI Power Management Lab Kit (TI-PMLK) buck-boost board and experiment book to better understand the trade-offs related to common power-supply parameters such as power losses, converter efficiency, stability, load and line regulation, and more.

See TI partners showcase new technology at APEC

  • SiC in Automotive: Join TI and Wurth engineers for an interactive quiz about power topologies and SiC technology and get a closer look at the TIDA-01605, a compact, dual-channel, isolated SiC MOSFET gate driver reference design with short-circuit protection. Win a prize!
  • High-Current Bidirectional Battery Test Solution: Visit the Mouser booth, No. 411 and see a bidirectional battery test solution featuring TI’s LM5170-Q1 high-performance, dual-channel bidirectional current controller and a signal control board built with precision amplifiers to improve current-sense accuracy better than .05% at full scale. Download the PMP15038 reference design.
  • 10kW, 1kV, Three-Phase, Three-Level SiC-Based Grid Tie Inverter: See a demonstration in the Littelfuse Booth, No. 1619 of a transformerless solar string inverter with 99% peak efficiency and industry-leading power density while switching at 50kHz. The demonstration features TI’s isolated SiC gate drivers, voltage and current sensing, TI’s C2000 MCU and Littelfuse SiC MOSFETs. Download the TIDA-01606 reference design.
  • 48V/10A High-Frequency Three-Phase GaN Inverter for High-Speed Motor Drives: Visit the Digi-Key Booth, No. 1544 and see a three-phase inverter with three 80V/10A half-bridge GaN LMG5200 power modules that uses shunt-based phase-current sensing. The GaN FET switching performance enables a high-speed 100kHz inverter, which minimizes losses and torque ripple in low-voltage, high-speed motor drives. TI’s integration of a GaN FET and driver in the same package reduces parasitic inductances, optimizes switching performance to further reduce losses, and shrinks or eliminates heat sinks altogether.

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