DCS-Control™ topology increases power density and efficiency of TI step-down regulators

Designers are challenged with increasing peak power demands and yet need to achieve high efficiency over the entire load range without sacrificing DC output accuracy. The DCS-Control™ architecture (Direct Control with Seamless Transition into Power Save Mode) used in TI’s low-power DC/DC converters is an advanced regulation topology combining the advantages of hysteretic, voltage and current mode control.

  • AC control loop: takes information about output voltage changes and feeds it directly to a fast comparator stage for immediate response to dynamic load changes.
  • Voltage feedback loop: achieves accurate DC load regulation.
  • Internally compensated regulation network: achieves fast and stable operation with small external components and low ESR capacitors.

The DCS-Control™ topology supports PWM (pulse width modulation) for medium and heavy load conditions and Power Save Mode to maintain high efficiency at light load operation. On older DC/DC regulators, the transition between PWM and Power Save Mode increases output voltage ripple and random jitter. In order to avoid this, designers forced the converter into PWM-only configuration – sacrificing efficiency with noise-sensitive applications.

DCS-Control™ topology in TI’s newest family of step-down converters solves these problems through its seamless transition between PWM and Power Save Modes, since it supports both modes with one single building block. The new TPS62130 family supports up to 3A output current and incorporates this DCS-Control™ topology.

Aside from being a robust general purpose step-down converter (e.g. supporting large output capacitance range), TPS62130 is configurable as a LED driver, supporting either PWM or Analog dimming. A resistor between FB and ground (RCS) determines the regulated current while another resistor connected between SS/TR and ground (RSS) reduces the voltage over RCS to maintain the highest possible efficiency. 

For more details on this configuration, please read application note slva451. Further application notes are available (follow link below)

Even with its rich feature set (pin-selectable output voltage and switching frequency, Soft-Start and Tracking, Power Good), TPS62130 supports a solution size of just 95mm2 (fixed output voltage versions).
Check TPS62140, TPS62150, TPS62160 and TPS62170 for different output current flavors and different feature sets.

For more information (e.g. datasheets and app notes), visit: http://www.ti.com/product/tps62130

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