Do more in digital power, from line to load, with three new TI Designs

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It’s always a challenge to develop a system design completely from scratch. It’s easier if you have have a reference design to draw from. You're in luck! Today, we’re introducing three new reference designs to make it easier for you to do even more in high-voltage digital power.

The three new reference designs can be found in TI Designs, which means each includes a schematic or block diagram, a bill of materials, test data or user guide, and any additional design files that may be helpful in the design process. These designs can be used as is, or as an inspiration for you to customize a new design to meet your needs. These three TI Designs are all ideal for telecom and server AC-DC power supplies, industrial AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, military power supplies, as well as electric vehicle battery charging. Check them out:

  •  For two-phase interleaved PFC try the TIDM-2PHILPFC which can help you design a two-phase, interleaved power factor correction converter with integrated metering for use in rectifier designs.

  • For phase-shifted full bridge use the TIDM-PSFB-DCDC which helpful for those building a phase-shifted, full-bridge DC/DC converter supporting peak current mode control with slope compensation.

  • For Resonant LLC try the TIDM-RESLLC-DCDC which can help you jumpstart design of a  half-bridge LLC Resonant DC/DC converter with a synchronous rectification system.

Each of the above reference designs are based on TI’s C2000™ Piccolo™ microcontrollers, which have the computation performance, analog speed, accuracy and flexibility, and the high-resolution pulse-width-modulation generation necessary for the high-frequency control loops required by digital power applications. They offer performance and flexibility to control power stages from the simplest to the most advanced, enabling you to truly do more in high-voltage digital power. They are also supported by our controlSUITE™ software package. These reference designs offer all the tools you need to cost-efficiently accelerate design time. 

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