Embedded Computers with TI Power in a myriad of applications

Other Parts Discussed in Post: TPS65023, TPS65950, TPS65073, TPS65930, TPS59610, TPS51116

You walk by a store-front window and the window welcomes you, remembers what you bought in the store last time, and recommends clothes for purchase, based on what you're wearing.

A kitchen video phone that is also an instant-on PC, a DTV, and a driving route planner.

A smart home that detects the humity indoors/outdoors as well as the number of occupants in a room and adjusts the temperature and humidity accordingly (did I mention it locks the door electronically after you leave the house, or dims the lights after you walk out of a room?)

A smart refrigerator that can recongize the condition of items in it, count the quantity, and provide grocery shopping recommendations.

"Reactive skins" that make battlefield soldiers invisible.

Wearable PCs for law enforcement.

Car PCs that enable passengers to connect to the web, send e-mail, and watch real-time TV as you cruising the highway (if you're on the Autobahn that may mean at 120mph....)

Tele-medicine, and robotic surgeons that perform intricate surgeries without a human hand ever touching a scalpel.

High-definition, high-resolution video surveillance that can acquire multiple faces across the street, and, using databases, facial expression, and mannerism algorithms determine if they're friend or foe (a major city is buying $40M worth of these systems).

These applications, along with a myriad others in transportation, field exploration and measurement, business-to-business and consumer sales transactions, aerospace, factory automation, renewable energy, and smart grids have all one thing in common: at the heart of the processing and control is an embedded computer.

If you're designing an embedded computer using TI's OMAP35x or Intel's Atom or Core i3, i5, i7 processors, TI has the complete power and analog solutions.

For OMAP check out TI's TPS65950, TPS65930, TPS65930, or TPS65073, and TPS65023 PMICs.

For Intel's "Deeply Embedded" Atom power systems, check out TI's TPS59610 IMVP6+ compliant CPU/GPU core controller, that is paired with our chipset, DDR memory, and system rail power solutions.

A popular DDR power regulator, JEDEC-compliant and capable of DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, and Low-Voltage (LV) DDR3 operation is TI's TPS51116.

The design support tools include our complete 2010 Atom power system EVM with all the voltage regulators, and test circuitry on it, including a load transient generator to simulate the Atom CPU/GPU changing load current based on performance modes.

You only need a benchtop power supply, an  oscillocope, a couple of Digital Multi Meters, and a static electronic load to perform a complete evaluation.

We also offer automated design component calculators, reference designs based on the type of Intel Atom CPU you're designing with, layout design guidelines, and tips, training presentations, and Intel Embedded Computing Power selection guides.

Check out TI's Intel Embedded Computing Power Solution videos on the E2E Community Video section.