"Good Vibrations"

I've always found "resonance" to be an interesting word, even when I couldn't always provide an accurate definition of it.  There are so many different meanings, most of which have some connection to each other.  As an electrical engineer, my first reaction at hearing the word now is to think of a tuned LC circuit... however there are a lot of other thoughts that follow.  A pendulum, a playground swing-set, or a tuning fork can all provide examples of resonance in the physical world.  I’ve asked others what resonance means to them and gotten a variety of responses from blank stares to “it reminds me of poetry.” 

So what does resonance have to do with battery management?    Resonant power converters are at the core of the wireless power technology that will improve the utility and usefulness of many battery-powered devices.  As we become more and more dependent on these devices for everything we do on a daily basis, we need a means to keep them charged up and ready to use as much as possible. 

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