"X" Marks the spot - 7 Treasures in a pirate engineer's treasure chest

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Pirate engineer's treasure chest for power

Ahoy, matey! It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and we’ve sailed through the treacherous seas o’ engineering to find the prized pirate engineer’s treasure chest for power management. It took some hard work, but we grabbed our shovels and dug up the treasure.

  1. WEBENCH® Design Tools – Unique and powerful software helps to generate, optimize and simulate analog designs to yer specifications. These tools aren’t fer the faint o’ heart, since they deliver customized power, lighting, filtering, clocking and sensing designs before yer eyes. It even allows yer to make value-based tradeoffs at a design, system and supply chain level before yer design is committed to production. That saves yer gold and gives yer extra time to find more. 
  2. PowerLab™ Reference Design Library  - A library that contains over 1,000 power management reference designs for any application. Each design contains supporting technical documents that includes circuit schematic, printed circuit board (PCB) layers, bill-of-materials (BOM), test report and gerber files. This treasure keeps yer on the fast-track to success and may even make yer a Cap’n someday.
  3. Energy Harvesting Development Kit – Pirate ships harness the power of Mother Nature to keep them afloat, and no pirate engineer would be caught without a way to do the same. Pirate engineers capture the energy readily available from the environment and convert it into usable electrical energy with an ultra-low power boost converter/charger.
  4. TINA-TI – Pirate engineers need a little SPICE in their life; otherwise, testing circuit ideas is really bland. This SPICE-based simulation tool can help pirate engineers develop and test analog and switched-mode power supply (SMPS) circuit ideas, to determine which one must walk the plank. With an intuitive graphics-based interface, and ease of use, every pirate engineer can govern the mean seas of circuit design with TINA-TI.
  5. SwitcherPRO - Helping pirate engineers create, manage and share custom power supply designs, this software provides EVM designs for reference or starting points and passive components, such as inductors and NexFET™ MOSFETs, as well. Since pirate engineers can’t always be connected to the Internet, the desktop version also lets yer design wherever yer are.
  6. USB Interface adapter EVM – What’s the best pirate way to connect a host PC and one or multiple slave devices? Aye, a bridge of course. This EVM serves as an interface adapter between a PC and one or more slave devices via a standard type-A to mini-B USB cable. The host PC and the USB interface adapter communicate via USB, while the USB interface adapter and the slave device(s) communicate via an inter-integrated circuit (I²C), SMBus, PMBus and/or general-purpose inputs/outputs GPIOs. This pirate bridge converts communication transactions between the USB and serial protocol.
  7. Qi Wireless Power Development Board – No pirate engineer treasure chest would be complete without a way to design your own Qi-certified wireless charging station. TI is riding the wave of wireless power, and this might be the best treasure yet. Designed for 5-V systems as a Wireless Power Consortium type A5, A6 or A11 transmitter (WPC 1.1), it pings the surrounding environment for Qi-compliant devices to be powered, safely engages the device, receives packet communication from the powered device and manages the power transfer. And some wireless power essentials… Dynamic Power Limiting™ optimizes available power usage from limited input supplies while supporting both Foreign Object Detection and enhanced Parasitic Metal Object Detection for yer legacy wireless power products.  

Aye, these are the seven treasures from the Seven Seas that every pirate engineer is after. No need to steal them from other pirates though, there’s enough treasure to go around. And if you find a treasure missing, let us know so we can track down the next treasure chest….“X” marks the spot.