ConnecTIng Industrial Automation Solutions – Showcasing at SPS

While TI is showcasing many new products for industrial drives, programmable logic controllers and motor control at the SPS IPC show this year in Nuremberg, Germany on Nov. 25-28, connectivity is playing an even bigger role as machines are gathering more and more information from each other and from external systems in order to improve automation and deliver higher system efficiency.

One of our SPS demonstrations shows how practical implementation of the Industry 4.0 Project can deliver the next generation of connected industrial solutions with increased intelligence through smart wireless sensor integration and system efficiency by enabling connection to the wider Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). The demonstration is controlled using one of TI’s new feature-rich Tiva™ TM4C129x microcontrollers (MCUs), the industry’s first ARM® Cortex™-M4 processor with integrated Ethernet MAC+PHY and multiple simultaneous peripheral connectivity options. This enables it to perform both the industrial control operations and also acts as the connectivity gateway between various wireless sensors and outside world. The MCU also has on-chip data protection robustness features and a rich mix of peripherals for further system integration and board space savings, including an LCD controller interface to present a nice local human-machine user-interface to this industrial control system.

The demonstration system contains an industrial motor controlled using TI’s InstaSPIN™ motor control technology and has several contactless and wireless sensors mounted on the rotating disc attached to the motor. One sensor monitors system temperature and is powered and interrogated via near-field communications (NFC), leveraging TI’s latest TRF7970A NFC transceiver and dynamic transponder interface solutions. TI’s Bluetooth low energy SensorTag, based on SimpleLink™ CC2541 wireless MCU, is also mounted on the disc to provide orientation and humidity as well as temperature information to the system. Last, TI’s SimpleLink CC3000 Wi-Fi module is included to provide remote access to sensor data and offer system maintenance and configuration as well as data storage to the cloud.

Are you going to the show? If so, stop by the TI booth in Hall #6 and see the demo. If not, tell us how you’re integrating wireless connectivity into your industrial solutions.