You BETA Believe It – GCC and CCSv6

You may have heard about the partnership between Red Hat and Texas Instruments. Now you can see what we’ve been up to!


The new BETA version of GCC for MSP430 has arrived and offers a full open source tool chain including the GCC compiler, BinUtils, GDB Debug, and the MSP430 Debug Stack. It is the successor of MSPGCC and supports all MSP430 microcontrollers. Binaries are now available for both Windows and Linux!



If an IDE is what you are looking for, GCC is now integrated in the recent BETA release of Code Composer Studio 6 as well. This means that if the size and speed and optimization support offered by the TI compiler are unnecessary for your application, you can choose to compile with GCC and use Code Composer Studio for free, without any code size limitation!


In case this isn’t enough reason to check out the latest edition of Code Composer, version 6 offers a number of additional features you won’t want to miss. Aside from minor updates like a new search bar that makes finding anything in CCS that much easier, there are there are two new features that will really improve the MSP430 user experience:

  • App Center
  • Energia Integration


We recognize the need for a lighter weight install of CCS and the App Center in CCS6 will give you just that. Now, you can select the key pieces you need to start developing quickly.



Speaking of developing quickly, if you love the idea of rapid prototyping with Energia, but need the debug capability of an IDE, the new ability to import Energia projects will make your day!



Are you ready to get started? Because we want to continue making GCC and CCS6 better for you! Please post any questions or comments on the MSP430 E2E forum.

including the GCC compiler, BinUtils, GDB

    Debug, and the MSP430 Debug Stack.