Forget the battery with Near Field Communication (NFC) and MSP430 FRAM MCUs

 Near Field Communication is still a fairly new technology, but paired with MSP430 microcontrollers, it unlocks the doors (pun intended) to a number of applications.  In addition to access control, the new Field Powered NFC Reference Design (TIDA-00217) enables part authentication, personal identification, battery-less sensor interfaces, security token transfer and low-power transfer of local data.

By combining the MSP430FR5969 ultra-low-power FRAM microcontroller with the RF430CL330H dynamic NFC transponder the field generated from a cell phone is all that's needed to power up the system, let it collect data, and then send that data back to the phone. What's more, at just 25mm x 25mm and being fully programmable, this reference design is extremely flexible!