A New Understanding: Blast Motion redefines movement, tracking and training for athletes.

Guest blog post from Bhaskar Bose, Ph.D., director of engineering for Blast Motion

Swing, and a miss!  Swing again and the ball flies over the fence.  What is different between these two baseball swings?  And why was one successful while the other was not?  Blast Motion empowers athletes of all types to capture, measure, track, compare and even share movement metrics to gain a new understanding of movement, power and efficiency. 

Blast products combine motion sensing hardware with mobile apps to create a highly accurate, intuitive and user friendly products for consumers.  Currently Blast offers Blast Baseball, Blast Putt and just released, Blast Athletic Performance with more releases planned this year.

TI components for processing, power and communication are a key part of the Blast Precision Motion Sensor architecture.  TI’s mature Bluetooth Smart® technology allows Blast products to quickly connect and disconnect to the latest smartphones and allows flexibility with mobile apps.  Highly efficient power components, including a TI wireless power charger IC, give end users longer battery life and a more convenient charging experience, while supporting the Blast Precision Motion platform’s ability to capture highly accurate readings and drive unique software applications, such as Smart Video Capture.  

While motion sensors themselves are not new, Blast Motion has built a motion eco-system, assisted by products from TI that understands athlete’s movements and translates them into useable data.  By combining video and motion metrics, Blast products provide a multi-dimensional view of movement.  Not only can you visually review your swing, putt or jump, you can quantify movement, direction and power to better understand your movements and how refinements can make you a better athlete.

But, Blast is much more than just the science of data and training metrics.  Each Blast app creates shareable video clips and data readings that add a new level to communication.  Put simply, Blast is redefining bragging rights.  No longer do  you have to argue with friends over who’s jump shot has the most hang time, Blast captures a video clip, measures the hang time in seconds and shares it to your friends in a matter of minutes.

This is just the start for Blast, and with technical partners like TI, the future is filled with new ways to view sports, movements and life.

About Blast:

Blast Motion defines the future of the digital experience with its innovative motion capture technologies, which enhance the way we experience and understand life’s actions. Further information can be found at blastmotion.com.

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