They're here! 46 new ULP FRAM microcontrollers are now available!

In June, we announced the worldwide availability of the lowest-power microcontrollers in the industry! Now, that family is expanding to offer the ultra-low-power MSP430FR6x FRAM microcontroller series with more integrated FRAM and more high performance analog! This means you can add more functionality to applications ranging from wearable electronics to flow metering.

MSP430FR6989 Product Breakdown:

  • Up to 128KB of non-volatile FRAM
    • Up to 100x faster than Flash
    • 250x lower energy than Flash
    • Unmatched endurance and flexibility
  • High performance integrated analog
    • 12-bit single/differential input ADC with integrated window comparator can collect data without the CPU running
    • 320-segment LCD driver simultaneously lowers your system size, bill of materials and power while maintaining contrast in low power modes due to an integrated charge pump
    • Extended Scan Interface (ESI) features dual analog front ends for measuring rate of flow or even detecting proximity
  • Comprehensive Ecosystem
    • EnergyTrace++ technology offers power profiling and debugging down to the peripheral level
    • FlowESI GUI is available for simplified flow design with drag and drop configuration of the new ESI module
    • MSP-TS430PZ100D: MSP-FET + Target Socket boards available for integrating the MSP430FR6989 ultra-low-power FRAM microcontrollers into your application