Exploring the MSP430 tool chain: Part 1 – MSP430Ware featuring Driver Library makes your design easier

This is the first entry of a five-part series to help you learn more about our robust MSP430 MCU tool chain. This week we focus on TI’s MSP430Ware featuring Driver Library.

Have you heard of TI’s MSP430Ware? If not, you may want to keep reading – because our MSP430Ware featuring Driver Library is about to make your design much easier! Even if you’re familiar with MSP430Ware, continue reading because you’ll be surprised to learn about more features available to you.

MSP430Ware is easy to use and get started because it is integrated into TI’s Code Composer Studio™ (CCS) IDE, or as a standalone package. When delivered as a component of CCS, the MSP430Ware package can be navigated through a sleek GUI within the TI Resource Explorer window. You can import and run examples from Driver Library within the CCS window. MSP430 Driver Library is also available standalone from MSP430Ware as a BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) software library; you can download the standalone version here.

How to find Driver Library in MSP430Ware

When you open CCS, click ‘View’, then ‘Resource Explorer’. In Resource Explore view, clicking on the MSP430ware icon takes you to the introductory page (shown below). To proceed to Driver Library, click on ‘Libraries’, then ‘Driver Library’ as shown below.

Driver Library is designed for each MSP430 family, currently available for the MSP430F5x, F6x, FR57x, FR5x, FR6x and MSP430i2xx products. Driver Library in MSP430Ware provides full API for those MSP430 device families for configuring, enabling and using integrated peripherals. Each API function is fully documented through a User’s Guide, API Programmer’s Guide and example projects for that family.

Driver Library helps you fly high above bit-wise programming and become an MSP430 MCU expert within minutes. You can call functions in your project or import example projects into CCS directly. You can also take advantage of Driver Library API similarities from one platform to another, which saves you time to design with different devices.

How to import Driver Library to your project

Click on your desired peripheral, for example, Unified Clock System can find ucs_ex1_DCO12MHz, ucs_ex2_VLOSourcesACLK, ucs_ex3_XT1SourcesACLK and ucs_ex4_XTSourcesDCOInternal example projects under UCS. On the right side, you can see options to import, build, download and debug. Choose the example project you would like to use, then click on the “Import the example project into CCS” as shown in screenshot.

If you are looking for the Driver Library of a specific peripheral, just type the name of the peripheral in the search bar of TI Resource Explorer, and then find related example projects categorized by family under Driver Library. Choose the device family, then call the functions or import the code examples directly. Easy-to-understand function calls means less time learning and more time innovating. The MSP430 Driver Library is a great tool to help you write complete projects with minimal overhead and gets your design to market faster!

How to update Driver Library in MSP430Ware

Update your version of MSP430Ware by starting CCS and clicking ‘Help,’ then ‘Install New Software’. This will find any new versions of MSP430Ware with the option to install them.

Another way to update Driver Library is to simply download the file here and unzip into your desired installation directory. Driver Library releases can coexist.

Are you ready to see how you can get to market faster with MSP430Ware featuring Driver Library? Check out MSP430Ware package information and download it now!

Learn more about the MSP430Ware Software Suite in this video: