It’s fun, informative and a little bit awkward – it’s our new DSP video series

Here at TI, we’re passionate about our DSPs. To help share that passion with you, we’ve created a new video series called “DSP Breaktime” featuring myself and Dr. Arnon Friedmann where we’ll give you our thoughts in a hopefully fun and informative way on a variety of DSP topics.

It’s a different view into the world of DSPs so give it a look. This is not a how-to or technical video, but more of an insight into some larger questions and what is going on inside TI.  For example, the first question we answer is “Are DSPs dead?” You probably know what our answer is to that, but you may be surprised what two people who are uncomfortable in front of a camera say when the filming begins and there is no script.

We cover a wide range of topics on everything from benchmarking, FPGAs, roadmaps, the coolest use of DSPs, and even give some movie recommendations – all in digestible bite-size chunks that you can watch when you need a break.

Most importantly, we want to discuss the subjects that you find interesting. So if you have any topics or questions for us, leave them in the comments or tweet them with the #DSPBreak hashtag and we’ll try to address them in future videos.

Here’s Arnon and myself on the DSP Breaktime set. We look comfortable here, but that’s before the cameras started rolling - then it got awkward. Give the video a watch and let us know what you think. We’re looking forward to addressing your questions!

Don’t forget to bookmark the DreamDSP page and check periodically for future videos in our DSP Breaktime series.


  • Does anyone understand Arnon's comment about the glass keyboards? Was that a thing?

  • Nice job guys!   DSPs are way easier to program than when I programmed my first C25 in the late 80s.

  • Two engineers that talk that smoothly, very impressive

  • I had trouble understanding all of it, let alone Arnon's comment.:-)  Actually the video was enjoyable to watch.  You and Arnon play off of each other very well.  I hope there will be more of these videos in the future.  And, anytime you want to invite an old DSP guy on to the show, let me know.  There are several professors at Rice University that could give you interesting stories.

  • " may be surprised what two people who are uncomfortable in front of a camera say when the filming begins and there is no script." -- FUNNY. I found this conversation v. informative, and I thought y'all conveyed the info very succinctly, and it was pretty entertaining, too, especially given the topic. Great format. More, please.

  • In my defense about the glass keyboard, I was trying to say that Mark was typing on  a 'keyboard made of broken glass' since he was complaining about how hard it was, i.e. 'walking uphill to school both ways on broken glass with no shoes.'  And no, I've never seen a glass keyboard.

    Gene - thanks for the offer, I think it would be great to have you as a guest on the show (assuming we get picked up for more episodes)

  • Thanks for the comments!

    Arnon- you think it would be great to have Gene on a video with us? Have you worked with him before? ;)

    Gene - actually it is a great idea, but we'll need much more than 6 minutes. Well, maybe not after we edit out all the things you shouldn't have said. Ha!