This Town is Coming Like a Ghost Town - DSP Breaktime: Episode 2

It’s time for Episode 2 of DSP Breaktime and it’s out just in time before everyone's attention turns to Age of Ultron.  In this video you’ll find:

Main topics:

  • DSP Ghost Town – discussion of the state of DSPs in the market
  • Real-time processing – what it is,why it’s important and what it means for design
  • Radar – great application for DSPs (read our SAR white paper)


  • Age of Ultron – because we had to
  • Old school – early computer memories
  • DSP roadmap – a serious diversion in the normally light wrap-up section
  • Hearthstone – if you don’t know, don’t ask…

You can watch the video here.

As always, Mark and I would love your comments and feedback as we continue with this series in our attempt to provide our views on the DSP and Embedded processing world.  And don’t forget to bookmark the DreamDSP page and check periodically for future videos and collateral in our Dream DSP campaign.

And to anyone who gets the title, you most likely have an old school computer memory to share...