Can you really get a Sitara™ AM437x processor for only $7?

It’s true! If you were thinking about your new design that requires an application processor, be sure to check out the Sitara AM437x processors! They are a scalable, pin-compatible processor family in production since April of this year. There are several options to choose from including the new economical 300MHz option, AM4376 (AM4376BZDND30), which sells for $7 in volume.



The AM437x family has offerings in 300MHz, 800MHz and 1GHz options and well as optional 3D graphics acceleration for enhanced user interfaces. The AM437x processors are also offered in commercial (0 to 90C), industrial (-40 to 90C) and extended (-40 to 105C) junction temperature ranges.  The AM437x processors integrate support for industrial protocols for automation and industrial drives making them ideal for applications such as building automation, telecom infrastructure, industrial tools, and more.

You can evaluate the Sitara AM437x processors with the AM437x evaluation module or the AM437x industrial development kit and decide which Sitara AM437x variant is best for your new design.

 What will you develop with your new AM4376 processor?


  • Can someone tell us what volume would be needed to purchase the AM4376 for $7?  1K unit pricing is about 75% more... and the Distributor inventory pricing looks to be 3-4 x more than the $7 price...

  • The published 1Ku price for AM4376BZDND30 is $9 ( which is 28% higher than $7.

    The estimated volume for being able to achieve $7 is 100Ku but price from distribution varies and is up to the distributor to quote.