From homes to factories, we talk all things automation in a Twitter chat

Ask the experts at Texas Instruments all of your questions about home, building and factory automation. We will be talking about the current and future trends in automated systems!

The world around us is complex. At home, doors and windows must be monitored to notify authorities when an entrance is breached. At work, air conditioning systems must adjust to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout large buildings. In factories, expensive equipment must be checked regularly to ensure it does not require maintenance or replacement. The need to process data in the world around us is driving demand for smarter systems. The need to take action based on that processed data is driving demand for automation of those systems. Those systems require sensors to convert the analog world around us into digital signals. Microcontrollers and processors are then used to analyze those signals and make real-time decisions. All of this can be monitored via a single central control system, such as a cellular phone, with the use of wireless transceivers. This is the power of a smart home and building. Automation simplifies the complex world around us to enable focus on the things that really matter.

Join us on October 8th from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM CST.

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