SIGFOX expands into San Francisco and collaborates with TI for Sub-1 GHz technology

The City of San Francisco and SIGFOX today announced that they will deploy a dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) network that will provide low-cost and energy-efficient two-way connectivity for smart-city programs, as well as businesses in multiple verticals. A growing phenomenon in numerous cities across the world, the IoT connects physical objects and allows them to communicate, analyze and share their data through sensors, network connectivity and cloud software.

San Francisco is the first of 10 U.S. cities in which SIGFOX will deploy its network by Q1 2016. SIGFOX, whose technology is already FCC certified, is currently operating or being deployed in 10 European countries and registers over five million objects in its network. By providing a disruptively cost-effective, energy-efficient and simple way to connect the physical world to the Internet, SIGFOX enables the IoT to finally take off and connect large volumes of devices.

In order to make this possible, SIGFOX is building a truly open system in which its partners are essential, from makers of chips, systems on chips, modules and end products, to platform and app developers. Partner equipment and solutions are validated to assure optimal performance through the SIGFOX Ready™ certification program while SIGFOX Ready™ device makers can choose from a wide range of chipmakers, including Texas Instruments.

SIGFOX and TI are working together to increase IoT deployments using the Sub-1 GHz spectrum. Customers can use the SIGFOX network with TI’s Sub-1 GHz RF transceivers to deploy wireless sensor nodes that are lower cost and lower power than 3G/cellular connected nodes, while providing long-range connectivity to the IoT.

After a number of successful IoT deployments in Europe using the Sub-1 GHz spectrum in Europe, SIGFOX’s collaboration with TI will reinforce SIGFOX global offer and will accelerate the development of industrial applications and business in the U.S. Targeting a wide variety of end-user applications, including environmental sensors, smart meters, agriculture and livestock sensors, asset tracking and smart cities, the SIGFOX and TI collaboration maximizes the many benefits of long-range, narrowband radio technology and reduces barriers to entry for manufacturers wanting to connect their products to the cloud. Using the SIGFOX infrastructure reduces the cost and effort to get sensor data to the cloud and TI’s Sub-1 GHz technology provides years of battery life for less maintenance and up to 100 km range.

In November, SIGFOX, the City of San Francisco and TI will jointly host a hackathon, in order to allow developers and makers to use the technology and generate new ideas for how SIGFOX’s network can be used to create innovative smart-city solutions. Check out the hackathon here.

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