Reach new low-power levels for any sensor based design with new MSP430FR2311 MCU

Introducing industry’s first microcontroller with a configurable low leakage transimpedance amplifier (TIA )

Society wants products smaller, weightless and faster electronics, causing developers to struggle with finding components that are a perfect fit without compromising performance. It’s not an easy task, especially when it comes to narrowing down a microcontroller (MCU) that works for you and your device. Making a compromise to have an MCU fit your needs is not solution oriented.

But, if there was an MCU that reduced up to 75 percent of PCB space by minimizing component count in sensing and measurement applications, wouldn’t that make compromising almost obsolete? 

The MSP430FR2311 MCU was designed for sensing and measurement applications

Our new MSP430FR2311 MCU does just that. It is the only microcontroller that integrates a low-leakage transimpedance amplifier (TIA) with 50 pA current leakage. The new MCU provides 20x’s lower leakage than alternative voltage and current sensing solutions. In so doing, it can sense the lowest possible current improving the sensitivity of the application and allowing developers to add more intelligence and enhanced features to the end product.

Secondly, with the configurable analog and memory on this device - including onboard op-amps, comparator and 10 bit ADC- it helps the customer save on IO pins with the integrated signal chain blocks and helps achieve more functionality with a small pin count device. Additionally, Flash to RAM boundary ratios are eliminated with the MSP430FR2311 MCU. Developers will now have the opportunity to choose the amplifier configuration (non-inverting, inverting or transimpedance) they need to scale their application and select the amount of memory needed for application code or data. Providing flexibility and easing compromises.

The MSP430FR2311 MCU is uniquely positioned for sensing and measurement applications including building automation, medical health and fitness, and personal and portable electronics. It comes in a small package size of 3.5 mm x 4 mm with analog, EEPROM and MCU functionality all integrated, allowing developers to meet the demands of consumers without compromising.

Learn more about the MSP430FR2311 MCU in the below image:

 To get started developing and to learn more about this product: 

Order the MSP-EXP430FR2311 MCU LaunchPad™ development kit to start developing now!

  • Hey i got the dev kit and the example code was almost the finished program i need. Awesome, now i just  load the first program in the example code folder and edit it and I'm done. Wrong, unlike  the MSP-EXP430G2  which the  had the demo program available for download, the e MSP-EXP430FR2311 doesn't  have the code available.

    No problem I thought, TI is a professional helpful  company, I'll email them and ask for the code file. The reply was shocking, "go to the public forum and ask"   was the reply. Now I'm left hanging.

    This doesn't even touch the days of time i lost trouble shooting code composer studio and is the end has to install windows 7 just to get reliable operation.

    Now I'm left asking myself, why even put up with the hassle of TI putting out half baked software and no support.

    The good news is there are a few startup companies with products on par or better than ti.

    Maybe TI should just go back to what they did well, solar power calculators.

  • The MSP team is excited to bring the FR2311 to market, as a new FRAM family member with a high level of analog integration.  We want to make sure our customers have the proper tools to get started with using the FR2311.  Eli, you have a related post on the MSP E2E.  I have just replied to your post there, and via that thread we will make sure you have the demo code you are requesting.

    Best regards,