TI's SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® devices are now the first to offer chip-level transferable Wi-Fi Certification

 The benefits of Wi-Fi® certification

The ubiquitous yin-yang Wi-Fi logo devised by the Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) at the turn of the 21st century has since become synonymous with this widespread connectivity standard.

In fact, this internationally recognized Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ logo is the Wi-Fi Alliance ‘seal of approval’ for products, indicating they have met the industry’s standards for interoperability, security and a range of application-specific protocols.

This logo serves as evidence that the certified product has successfully gone through extensive testing by a WFA-appointed Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL). It gives consumers and IT professionals alike confidence that the product it’s printed on complies with Wi-Fi specs and will provide a high level of user experience.

Traditionally, designers  wanting to adorn their product with the Wi-Fi logo would’ve had two main options to do so – either use a Wi-Fi-certified module (such as TI’s SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi modules) in their product, or, if they opted to design a Wi-Fi chip on-board, go through the entire Wi-Fi certification process. The latter option would’ve involved travel to an ATL, tens of thousands of dollars in lab fees and lengthy engineering cycles to ensure the product can actually pass the WFA tests.

Starting this month, SimpleLink Wi-Fi customers have a third option.

Transfer TI’s SimpleLink Wi-Fi chip certification to your product

Back in 2014, TI’s SimpleLink Wi-Fi family was the industry’s first solution to gain chip-level Wi-Fi certification. This innovation was made possible by the highly integrated architecture of the SimpleLink Wi-Fi chip, which incorporates all the Wi-Fi logical layers into the chip itself, complete with an integrated TCP\IP stack.

As a leading sponsor of the WFA, TI is pleased to announce its SimpleLink Wi-Fi family just set yet another ‘industry first.’ The WFA recently announced a new policy that allows SimpleLink Wi-Fi chip-down designers to use the “derivative product” fast-track certification, which until now was only available to certified-module based designs.

This new policy means any WFA member can get the SimpleLink Wi-Fi chip’s certification easily transferred to his or her product, without the need for a trip to the ATL lab, paying the associated fees or investing in any certification-related engineering effort, hence opening new possibilities for designers looking for a cost-effective, low-touch method to release a WFA-certified solution to market.

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Effortless Wi-Fi Alliance certification is just the latest component in our mission to make TI’s SimpleLink Wi-Fi low-power Wi-Fi integration simple and accessible to anyone – regardless of their prior Wi-Fi experience. To learn more about the SimpleLink Wi-Fi family of devices go to www.ti.com/SimpleLinkWiFi – where you can find all the code and tools needed to get started today!

You can also read this application note for more information: Transfer of TI's Wi-Fi® Alliance (WFA) Certifications to Products Based on SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC3x00, Using the WFA Derivative Certification Policy