The fourth industrial revolution with Mesh

The third Industrial Revolution introduced electronics and information technology to automate the production process (e.g. robotics arms manufacture most of our products).

Today, we experience its fourth stage. This revolution is characterized mainly by fusion of technologies enabling inter-communication between different production line machines. We can see more and more smart solutions taking place in the traditional industry products such as:

  • Machine to machine (M2M) inter-communication allows utilizing the manufacture line process.
  • Smart helmets that can operate in one network and make the work environment much safer.
  • Using one network for an indoor location services platform.
  • Smart Grid infrastructure allowing a network of meters to read and send data over Wi-Fi®.

 The Texas Instruments (TI) WiLink™ 8 mesh solutions open many new opportunities for the industrial sector by enabling this M2M communication. Having all the machines communicating with each other, sharing information and reporting back data is a major step forward in the next industrial revolution.

The main advantage of using the mesh solution for the industry sector over standard Wi-Fi coverage is by lowering the infrastructure cost. With mesh, no need to deploy many routers over a large territory in order to have the required coverage. Each device can inter-communicate with all the devices around it. The mesh network also has the capability to self-healing, meaning even if one of the peers is dropped the network recovers. This is a secure, easy to deploy and always connected network.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, TI’s mesh solution makes all of it possible. What other applications might be possible with the Mesh network? Let us know in the comments below. 

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