A smarter world will arrive in waves

Our world is becoming much smarter. Across our cities, homes and many aspects of our everyday lives, the increased intelligence going into everyday devices – ranging from thermostats and security systems to cars and even macro systems like our cities’ water or traffic management – is helping create a smarter, more connected world that delivers goods and services in ways that are more efficient than ever.

Millimeter wave (mmWave) technology is a key force in these more intelligent systems, providing crucial sensory information. TI recently introduced a family of mmWave radar sensors that offer highly accurate sensing in a smaller package than existing solutions. TI’s mmWave solutions have won Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Honoree awards for smart cities, tech for a better world and vehicle intelligence and self-driving technology; Electronic Products’ Product of the Year for sensors and EE Times’ ACE Award for sensors. Because of their small size combined with high accuracy, they are a good fit for a variety of applications, including automotive, robotics, intelligent automation and security, where size, reliability and cost concerns previously forced designers to rely on other solutions. From our cities to our homes to our everyday lives, mmWave technology is enabling a smarter world.

Smart cities

Today’s cities have already made huge leaps in intelligence, but they still have a long way to go to maximize efficiency and productivity. Integrating mmWave technology enables more intelligent resource management and can help ensure that city residents receive goods and services precisely when they need them. As our cars become smarter and move closer to becoming autonomous, a city’s infrastructure must become both smarter and more autonomous as well. This will not only help reduce traffic and congestion but can even help residents find the best parking spots.