16 = 64 with MSP430™ MCU with CapTIvate™ technology

 It’s not bad math, we promise it adds up! Combine the power of MSP430 microcontroller (MCU) with CapTIvate technology and  the 64-button capacitive touch panel TI Designs reference design, and the proof is in the pudding.

You no longer need to worry about having too few pins to support your capacitive touch interface design. MSP430 MCUs featuring CapTIvate technology provide you with the ability to drive up to 64 capacitive touch buttons using only 16 IOs!

Need to build a slimmer keypad for your security system intrusion panel or e-lock? No problem! Want to improve the look of your elevator control panel? No sweat! Have a great idea for a new remote control design? No worries!

It is all possible with CapTIvate technology and mutual capacitance measurements. Mutual capacitance technology enables you to create sensors with two separate electrode structures - a transmit electrode (TX) and a receive electrode (RX). Forming a matrix with eight TX electrodes and 8 RX electrodes allows you to create 64 capacitive sensing elements from 16 IOs, each with a unique, measurable capacitance. Not only does this true matrix capability let you maximize the number of inputs on your capacitive interface design, it also gives your design full multi-touch support!

Better yet, there is no power penalty for using mutual capacitance sensors. MSP430™ microcontrollers with CapTIvate technology enable real-time switching between mutual capacitance and self-capacitance measurements for use in wake-on-touch mode. Configuring your mutual capacitance design to be measured in a self-capacitive mode in software enables all of the inputs to be measured at once. This technique can be used with CapTIvate technology’s finite state machine to measure sensors in a low-power mode when no user interaction is detected.

Download the 64-button capacitive touch panel with TI microcontroller with CapTIvate technology TI Designs reference design to see for yourself. It includes a detailed design guide for a 64-button mutual capacitance touch panel complete with test data, schematics, PCB CAD files, Gerber files and multiple software examples.

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