5 reasons why SimpleLink Bluetooth CC256x family is the right choice for YOU

Other Parts Discussed in Post: CC2564, CC2564MODN, CC2564MODNEM, CC2560

Back in March we announced the expansion of the SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® CC256x family with updated silicon, new modules and audio reference designs, which built upon this best performance, flexible, easy to use and proven platform.  We want to share five reasons why you should choose the SimpleLink Bluetooth for your next project: 

1. Starting today, you can order the SimpleLink Bluetooth modules based on the CC2564 dual-mode solution (CC2564MODN) in production quantities ($6.65 in 1,000 unit volumes).  The fully certified Bluetooth 4.1 module (FCC/CE/IC with external chip antenna and SIG certification) comes in an optimized, smaller form factor (7mm x 7 mm) which enables cost savings, quicker time to market and design flexibility. You can also sample the module through the TI sample program

2. The CC2564MODN is also now available in an evaluation board (CC2564MODNEM) that allows you to quickly and easily start evaluating with the certified module.  The CC2564MODNEM board works with TI’s ultra-low-power MSP430Tm and TM4C microcontroller (MCU) development kits such as MSP-EXP430F5529, MSP-EXP430F5438, and DK-TM4C123G. Order it from the eStore today!


3. The CC2560 and CC2564 solutions have been updated with on-chip audio encoding and decoding as well as new Bluetooth low energy capabilities.  To take advantage of these new features and benefits including the longer range of the device (up to 100 meters), we have created two new TI Designs (Bluetooth and MSP430 Audio Sink and Bluetooth and MSP430 Audio Source) to help aid in the development in a variety of applications of low-end, low-power audio solutions.

4. TI offers a flexible software option with the certified, royalty-free Bluetopia® Bluetooth stack, profiles and sample applications for Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy and assisted audio.

5. Now the SimpleLink Bluetooth dual-mode family allows you to create a range of innovative audio solutions for applications such as toys, Bluetooth speakers, audio streaming accessories, sports/health fitness and more.   On top of these audio use cases, the CC256x can be used in other data driven applications such as point of sale, remote controls, health and fitness and industrial.


Hope you learned more about why the SimpleLink Bluetooth CC256x family is right for you. If you have questions or just want to share your ideas or projects with us, comment on this blog post!