A new feather in the cap – new MSP430 industrial series microcontrollers are here!

Are you looking for a microcontroller with high accuracy, wide temperature range, low energy consumption and reduced system cost for various industrial applications? Your wait is over!

 With the growing trend in the industrial market to develop smaller products that consume as little power as possible, we created a new MSP430 industrial MCU series family for our customers. The new MSP430i20xx industrial series helps maintain your design’s flexibility while delivering the best-in-class energy consumption and high performance analog. This means you can add more functionality to applications ranging from e-metering to industrial sensing.

 High performance integrated smart analog

  • Up to four 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADCs increase accuracy and precision, lower system cost and reduce board space.
  • Internal DCO eliminate the need for an external crystal.

Extended temperature range

  • Supports -40 to +105 degrees Celsius for industrial applications

Comprehensive ecosystem

  • MSP-TS430RHB32A : Target board demonstrates basic functionality of these new i-series MCUs.
  • EVM430-i2040S sub-metering EVM complete metrology solutions for evaluation purposes.
  • Pair with TI’s DAC8760 converters for 4-20mA current loop industrial sensor applications.

Exciting new TI Designs available:

Need a full metering solution? We have new TI designs that include hardware and software design files in addition to documentation for the most common types of metrology solutions:

This new industrial series will be on display at electronica next week. Stay tuned to this blog for more information about these products.