A quick shout out: Congrats to ContextVision

As I go through the year, it’s always nice to see those I work with doing well. One of the companies I work with in the medical imaging space is ContextVision and they have recently celebrated a dual milestone: 30 years in business and 150,000 system installations. Both of which are very impressive milestones and we at TI congratulate our colleagues at ContextVision.


ContextVision is known throughout the medical imaging industry as image-enhancement experts and they’ve recently announced a new version of their ultrasound image enhancement software designed for the DSP, which, in their words, “is particularly suited for portable and handheld ultrasound devices.” I couldn’t agree more and I look forward to working more closely with ContextVision in the future to make sure their image enhancement software will run on our latest TI DSPs, ensuring our customers in the medical imaging space the availability of their industry leading technology on a platform that provides cost, size and power advantages to industry alternatives. 

Let us know if you have reached any big milestones lately and how TI has helped you get there. We’d love to hear and share your stories of success.