Announcing a new design contest featuring MSP430™ MCUs

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Introducing the Ultimate RoadTest -



In conjunction Farnell – Newark - element14 with we are pleased to announce the Ultimate RoadTest, a competition which will stretch the capabilities of three highly skilled and creative engineers from across the globe.  The task is to design and build a working prototype using existing development tools, software, and design tools that creates a real-world solution for the Home Automation market. The end application must be based around the CC3000-FRAM-EMK and should strive to include functional elements utilizing wireless, sensing, motor control, and lighting.  Competitors are required to blog on a weekly basis about the progress of their projects; they are also encouraged to provide videos and other dynamic content to facilitate the judging process. The review of the projects will occur on June 4th. The winner will be the individual who produces a solution which is the most compelling, innovative and indeed, quirky.


Great example of a project being developed… kits in use CC3000-FRAM-EMK, Launchpad, ADS1131REF


Project: “The Bread & Butter” by Nick Schulze

Quote - …“That last part was easy right? Well this next part I found quite tricky. To make a kick-ass wireless project you really need to have some control, this means whipping out Code Composer Studio and the CC3000 Host Programming Guide. I found it quite daunting when I started looking at some libraries and the programming guide, there is quite a lot going on here to make this all work (I would hate to think what WIFI projects would be like without a "Simple" Link).”… …“ By the way the CCS Grace tool is awesome…”

…”My clever containers will be used to measure things like sugar, coffee, flour etc. The idea is that I will use opaque Tupperware containers with 3-5 light dependant resistors down one side. An LED in the lid will illuminate the inside of the container, shining light on any LDRs above the level of the contents (and hopefully creating a cool effect). Now wires dangling off the container would cause all sorts of trouble, so each clever container will have a TI MCU (probably a launchpad) and an IR LED which it will use to communicate its content and level to a smart shelf. The smart shelf fitted with a bunch of IR receivers will then relay the information to my FRAM board with the CC3000..... Madness you say? Well, probably...”  Read more here


Feel free to join the discussion and ask the competitors some questions on their projects….  : )