Cloudy with a chance of development tools for SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200

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Spend your time using development tools instead of downloading and installing them With TI's rich cloud-based development tool ecosystem Now available for our low power SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3200 wireless microcontrollers (MCUs), this development tool ecosystem greatly decreases the time you’ll spend downloading and installing tools – enabling you to begin designing faster. Additionally, these tools have the flexibility to be remotely accessed from laptop/PC.

You can get started by browsing all of the examples and libraries in Resource Explorer.  Choose from any of the starter applications that are part of the SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 Software Development Kit (SDK). The Getting Started and Programmers Guide for the SDK are included as well as documents that describe each example application.  The applications range from simple blinking of the LED to over the air (OTA) updates and Wi-Fi audio.

Alternatively you can start by using Energia, a robust set of simple and intuitive APIs based on the Wiring and Arduino™ framework.  Energia is an ideal solution for prototyping.  From within Resource Explorer you can browse through a large selection of Energia examples.  Additional examples including Wi-Fi, MQTT and Temboo are available within the Code Composer Studio™ Cloud integrated development environment (IDE).  For more information on Energia, visit

If you are looking to move beyond an example project then it is worth taking a look at TI-RTOS, real-time operating system. Depending on your needs TI-RTOS can be scaled from a real-time multitasking kernel to a complete RTOS solution including additional middle-ware components, device drivers and power management. By providing robust essential system software components you can focus on the value added areas of your application.

Once you have found the example that you want to start with, whether it is part of the SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 SDK, Energia or TI-RTOS, you can import that examples into Code Composer Studio Cloud IDE.  Code Composer Studio Cloud, as the name suggests, is a cloud-based integrated development environment.  From Code Composer Studio Cloud you can edit, build and debug applications running on your CC3200 LaunchPad™ development kit.  Your project and source code are all stored in the cloud in your own personal workspace that you can access from any computer or mobile device.

You can load applications onto your CC3200 LaunchPad kit, set breakpoints, watch variables, step through code and more. There is even an integrated terminal for setting up a serial connection to the device.

What better way to develop a cloud-based application than with a cloud based development tool? Visit and get started with your SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 LaunchPad kit today.