Controlling BLDC Motors: Simple is Usually Better

Other Parts Discussed in Post: INSTASPIN-BLDC

Dave Wilson, Motion Products Evangelist, Texas Instruments

I hate tax season!  I not only hate the fact that I have to pay the taxes, but also that I must document the process.  I’ve noticed over the years that my taxes have become increasingly more difficult to do.  Granted, my income diversity has grown, which complicates the process.  But still, tax laws have gotten to the point of being totally incomprehensible.  In fact, it is SO complicated that I can’t even do my taxes anymore!  I have to pay a tax professional to do them for me.

Which brings me to the subject of motor control.  As technology progresses, the techniques we use to control motors are also growing steadily more complex.  Unlike taxes, this is generally a good thing, as it allows our motors to boldly go where no motor has gone before.  But every now and then, I think it is healthy to step back and try to see the forest for the trees.  Does your application really need super speedy torque response and layers upon layers of observers to get the job done?  Just like my taxes, do you really need to use a technique that is so complicated that you have to hire a motor control professional to do it for you?  Wouldn’t you rather use a technique that you can completely wrap your mind around?  Sometimes, simpler is just better!  And that is why I am so excited about InstaSPIN-BLDC™! 

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