Develop on the next generation MSP430 for single-phase metering applications

The MSP430F673x/F672x series is the first MSP430 SoC to target utility metering with a 24-bit Sigma-delta converter, industry's largest 320-segment LCD controller and battery backup system.  Did we say industry's largest segmented LCD controller?  Yes, we did!  Not only that, but we've enhanced the features of the LCD to provide flexibility for control and blinking of the individual segments.  The new real-time clock operates from an auxiliary supply backup system which provides guaranteed sampling with no interruptions.  Let me say that one more time: continuous sampling!  Top that off with the precise accuracy of the sigma-delta converters that MSP430 is already known for and this device becomes a rockstar in all single-phase metering applications.

The ecosystem of tools and software to support this new series ranges from standard target boards (MSP-TS430PZ100B) supported for all MSP430 devices to a single-phase EVM (EVM430-F6736) for development of a smart meter.  The TI Energy Library has expanded to include this series which enables metrology software to easily be implemented in your designs.

Last but not least, if you are new to MSP430 and what we have to offer with respect to metering, check out our new metering selection tool online.  All you need to know are three basic criteria:  what phase are you measuring, about how much memory will you need and do you require tamper detection in your application.  Answer these three questions from a pull down menu and VOILA!, a list of suggested MSP430 devices will appear in a list for you to begin. 

Happy developing!