Embrace IoT living through the gateway of electronic door locks

In the journey to embrace the new world of the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses and families are feeling more confident about securing their properties through the cloud. Electronic door locks (e-locks) are just the portal into a new age of IoT living.

Locks and keys have been around for centuries, and it’s time to evolve to a higher standard of home and building security and control. Imagine a world where you can monitor who enters and exits your home or building, and control all activity with a touch of your fingertip from miles away.

The cloud has made this a reality today. And with TI’s SimpleLink™ connected microcontroller (MCU) platform, you can bring that reality to a home or building, personalizing it as you please. By using a SimpleLink Bluetooth® low energy network processor and MSP432™ MCU, you could use a smartphone app for easy access control and user authentication. If you add a SimpleLink Wi-Fi® wireless MCU, the lock could then include a direct low-power connection to the cloud without the need for an additional bridge. On top of connectivity, adding an MSP430™ MCU with CapTIvate™ technology modernizes the in-person interface, replacing mechanical buttons with sleek capacitive-touch access control panels.

Our experts have curated a list of resources, tools and products to help you make decisions when designing a smart e-lock. Whether you need to prolong the battery life for a small and power efficient e-lock or want to further enhance the user experience with voice activation or an interactive display. The SimpleLink platform and MSP430 MCUs offer a breadth of solutions to help you design an e-lock which can even connect with other home automation products such as a video doorbell which triggers before unlocking or automatic unlock in case of a smoke alarm.

Check out our list of resources to get started building your next e-lock.

E-lock reference designs and application notes

Blogs and articles

Video trainings

Products to consider for your e-lock design

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