Energy Watchdog “barking” at you to go green!

I’m seriously stoked about the new Energy Watchdog Tool from MSP430.   I know what you’re thinking……”Finally, a tool to zap those annoying people in your workplace with an over abundance of energy!”  Well, not quite.  This tool is to create more awareness of the energy that we consume around us on a daily basis.  I imagine one day in the future that my home will be filled with products that display or verbally tell me how much electricity I just used by turning something on/off.  Think how crazy it will be if your coffee pot tells you that you just spent $0.05 during your morning caffeine fix.    Or if your TV displays a large message before power off that reads “You just spent 3 hours and $0.15 during your Seinfeld marathon.”  It’s all about energy consciousness
The Energy Watchdog Tool is based on the MSP430AFE253 series.  This analog front end microcontroller integrates up to three independent 24-bit Sigma-delta converters which enable precise measurements in any critical application. Each channel is designed with fully differential analog input pair and programmable gain amplifier input stage.  The Energy Watchdog utilizes the core peripherals of the AFE253 and allows you to measure the energy consumption of anything that plugs into a wall.  Try it out for yourself!

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