EnergyTrace simplifies low-power optimization

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MSP microcontrollers are designed specifically for ultra-low-power applications. Features such as FRAM,  multiple low-power modes, instant wakeup and intelligent autonomous peripherals help enable the lowest application energy in the Industry. Texas Instruments also provides valuable tools to help the programmer fully use these benefits and optimize power consumption of the target application. EnergyTrace™ technology provides real-time power profiles of your application with visibility into energy consumption as it relates to CPU States and Peripheral Usage over time.

Now, we recognize new tools can be daunting to use at first, so we have a new training series to teach you how to use EnergyTrace technology in a flash!


Using EnergyTrace Technology with the Code Composer Studio (CCS) IDE


Using EnergyTrace Technology to Calculate Battery Life


Using EnergyTrace Technology without a Debug Session


Using EnergyTrace++ Technology with the Code Composer Studio (CCS) IDE


Using Code Composer Studio (CCS) to Save, Load and Compare EnergyTrace++ Technology Data


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