Forget the battery with Near Field Communication (NFC) and MSP430 FRAM MCUs

 Near Field Communication is still a fairly new technology, but paired with MSP430 microcontrollers, it unlocks the doors (pun intended) to a number of applications.  In addition to access control, the new Field Powered NFC Reference Design (TIDA-00217) enables part authentication, personal identification, battery-less sensor interfaces, security token transfer and low-power transfer of local data.

By combining the MSP430FR5969 ultra-low-power FRAM microcontroller with the RF430CL330H dynamic NFC transponder the field generated from a cell phone is all that's needed to power up the system, let it collect data, and then send that data back to the phone. What's more, at just 25mm x 25mm and being fully programmable, this reference design is extremely flexible! 


What's Inside?


  1. World's Lowest Power MCU- perfect for energy harvesting
    1. 100uA/MHz Active, 450nA Standby w/ RTC
  2. FRAM non-volatile memory
    1. Enables quicker and lower-power data writes for minimizing time in active mode
  3. Security features include AES encryption and IP Encapsulation
    1. Encrypt data using the AES hardware accelerator to reduce software cycles
    2. Protect IP by locking off sections of code from external access


  1. Combines a wireless NFC interface and a SPI or I2C interface for connecting the device to a host
  2. NFC Type 4B Compliant
  3. NFC/RFID protocol handled in ROM


  1. Temperature sensor
    1. Digital output - via I2C or SMBus
  2. Accurate
    1.  +-1 degree Celsius 
  3. Multiple Device Access
    1. Allows up to 8 TMP103 devices to be tied together in parallel and easily ready by host


  1. System level ESD protection for low-voltage IO interface
  2. IEC 61000-4-2 level 4
    1. +-30kV air-gap discharge
    2. +-30kV contact discharge
  3. 10pF line capacitance
    1. Suitable for applications with data rates up to 400 Mbps

 So on your next MSP430 FRAM based design, consider adding NFC. Clearly power and size shouldn't be an issue. Learn more today!