Get a jump on Black Friday with these Early Deals

We have released a lot of exciting MSP430 microcontroller products this year and wanted to offer some deals to make them even easier to start evaluating! Starting today and running through November 13th, we will be offering the discounts described below:

Did you see yesterday's announcement about the new MSP430i20xx MCUs? These devices offer a fantastic mix of integrated analog that includes up to 4 sigma-delta ADCs and an integrated digitally controlled oscillator (DCO). The extended temperature range (-40 to 105 C) makes these microcontrollers ideal for industrial applications,

Start evaluating today with 35% off the MSP-FET430U32A, that includes the MSP-FET programmer/debugger and a target board for access to all of the pins on the MSP430i2040 device.

Coupon Code: msp_i2040_bf



 What about our new FRAM microcontrollers? In addition to the FRAM that offers unique power, speed and security advantages, these devices also feature integration of segmented LCD drivers, AES encryption engines and ADCs. They also happen to be the lowest power microcontrollers in the industry!

Get started now with 10% off the MSP-EXP430FR5969 LaunchPad, offering up to 64 KB of embedded FRAM and an on-board super capacitor, or the MSP-EXP430FR4133 LaunchPad that features 16 KB of FRAM and a segment LCD. 

Coupon Code: msp_fram_bf


Remember to post your MSP430-based projects online and share the links here or on Twitter. We’ll track all the projects with the #MSP430 hashtag.