Here we grow again! MSP430 expands its portfolio of FRAM-based MCUs with the MSP430FR5x/6x series

Are you trying to add functionality to a system with a reduced or equivalent power budget? Do you spend countless hours trying to locate sources of leaking power in your system? Are your production costs expanding as you increase functionality to your system? Would you like to form your system around a microcontroller with a clear migration path to higher memory footprints?

The  ultra-low-power MSP430 FRAM-based microcontroller family is now expanding and can help solve your problems from development to production. The MSP430FR59xx and MSP430FR69xx  MCUs with nonvolatile FRAM memory ranging from 32-128 KB, are now available and ideal for a broad set of applications that require ultra-low-power consumption, flexible memory options and smart analog integration. FRAM's 250x lower power and 100x faster write speeds are just the tip of the iceberg!

Similar to other MSP430 microcontrollers, the new FRAM devices offer key advantages in terms of ultra-low power, integrated analog and digital peripherals, and ease of use. 

Ultra-Low Power

  • Built on a new ultra-low-leakage 130 nm process and leverage the strength of MSP430,  our FRAM MCUs are lower power than ever before!
  • Enabled by FRAM, flexible clocking, and more!
  • By the numbers:
    • Active Mode: 100 uA/MHz.
    • Standby with RTC: 450 nA.

Smart Analog and Digital Integration

  • Differential ADC with integrated window comparator can operate without CPU intervention.
  • Hardware peripherals for multiplication and AES encryption (256-bit).
  • Built-in LCD and Scan IF save space and power in a number of applications.

Ease of Use


So, are you interested in the world’s lowest-power microcontrollers? Head over to to learn more and stay tuned for more information on the support ecosystem surrounding this family.