How to Design with USB in MSP430 Applications - Webinar

Last week, TI, along with Mouser, hosted a webinar on MSP430 USB and the new MSP430F5529 USB LaunchPad. The speaker is no other but our resident USB expert who was also behind the great USB content in the new F5529 LaunchPad User's Guide. The webinar discusses the MSP430 F5xx and F6xx on-chip USB module, as well as a step-by-step on creating a USB application using the MSP430 USB Developers Package.

Below is a peak at some of the highlights. View the full webinar, available here.

simpleUsbBackchannel is an example provided with the F5529 LaunchPad. The LaunchPad’s eZ-FET emulator presents a virtual COM port on the PC. The eZ-FET exchanges data between the target F5529’s hardware UART and this virtual COM port, allowing the F5529 an extra “backdoor channel” to talk with the host, with minimal application support

There are several ways to start a USB project. One way is utilize the TI Resource Explorer, in Code Composer Studio (v5.5 or later), and begin by creating a new, 'Empty' USB project. This project contains the USB API and support files, a limited version of driverlib (MSP430 Driver Library), and a “framework” main.c into which you can add code.

Next you can take advantage of the Descriptor Tool which writes your USB descriptors for you, or more accurately, builds your USB interfaces for you (e.g. virtual COM port, mass storage, etc.)