How to get started with CC2560/64 Bluetooth evaluation module

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Bluetooth technology is seeing tremendous growth primarily because manufacturers want low-power wireless connectivity to send sensor data and other information to a user’s smartphone, tablet or laptop. Bluetooth connectivity is driving cool new applications like basketballs, dog collars, fitness trackers, smart watches and more—and this is just the beginning.

To help developers get to market faster, TI is introducing a new evaluation module (CC256xQFNEM) for the CC2560 and CC2564. The CC2560 supports Bluetooth “classic,” while the CC2564 delivers dual-mode Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy technology. The evaluation module is based on the CC256x reference design, which contains schematic, layout, BOM and gerber files so a designer can easily add the Bluetooth system directly on their PCB.

Ultimately the CC256x EMs use the reference design and TI’s Bluetooth devices with an easy to use QFN package.  This device is available from TI and approved distributors: – CC2560 1k unit pricing $1.86, CC2564 1k unit pricing $2.14.

The evaluation  module supports TI’s CC2560 Bluetooth and CC2564 dual-mode devices with Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy, giving you a wider range of design options. Learn more about the CC256x Bluetooth evaluation module:

For more information on Bluetooth solutions including how to get started, hardware design information, software examples and details, test and certification tips as well as community support resources, visit our wiki.

So, what will you connect with the CC256x evaluation module? Please share with us!