It’s an IoT Halloween – Use wireless connectivity to spook your visitors!

A skeleton claws at your feet while eerie green lights illuminate an abandoned coffin. You jump out of the way and a killer pumpkin calls out to you. Ghosts fly, and you’re trapped in the haunted front lawn.

You catch your breath.

However these are not your average Halloween motion-activated villains. The true mastermind is behind the window, watching and waiting for you to take that next step…

And out of nowhere a zombie’s face appears as the light from its lamp turns on. How is all of this operating, you ask? TI has connected its scare tactics with wireless connectivity solutions and microcontrollers. The little, evil genius in you or even your children can control everything needed with just a couple of apps on a tablet thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Let’s break down the evil scheme.

From the tablet, you have a couple of different options: smart plug-controlled zombie, LED lighting and wireless audio streaming board. With an easy tap, the lights are on and treacherous screams play through the speakers outside.

A zombie, pumpkin and spider are plugged into a SimpleLink™ CC3000 for Wi-Fi enabled smart plug. Through a smartphone/tablet app these not so usual devices are able to connect to the Wi-Fi network through a one-step, Wi-Fi setup process to use existing Wi-Fi network for controlling anything.

A gripping light display uses ZigBee® technology to connect LED light bulbs and string lights that can set a spooky mood with a spectrum of 16M colors (yes, that is 16 million options) and control through a ZigBee app. Your mastermind can use the dynamic color picker, or even create new schemes of his own. The technology can run through a whole house, yard and even further because of the SimpleLink CC2590 RF range extender – so the scare will have no boundaries. The lights use TI’s SimpleLink CC2530 wireless MCU for ZigBee that delivers a low cost, mesh network connectivity for lighting applications.

The third element brought to life through is audio streaming. No haunted house is complete without a tormenting soundtrack. The conductor has the ability to stream screams and other spooky sounds via Bluetooth® speakers controlled through a tablet or smartphone. The audio is enabled by TI’s Bluetooth audio sink reference design, which includes the SimpleLink CC2564 dual mode Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy solution, an MSP430F5229 MCU, a TAS2505 digital input class-D speaker amplifier, and bq24055 single cell Li-ion battery charger—all supported with a Bluetooth stack, profiles and sample apps provided by TI. 

But we can’t give away all of the spooky secrets. Watch the video above to check out the TI Internet of Things haunted house and the young mastermind controlling it all.

So, what will you connect to to set up your own IoT Halloween? The choice is yours… mwahaha!