Newest FRAM MCUs provide the lowest power LCD and maximum flexibility

We recently added the industry's lowest power microcontrollers to our MSP430FRxx FRAM portfolio, which feature on-board analog and digital peripherals to enable a variety of applications. These devices feature non-volatile FRAM technology that is revolutionizing ultra-low-power designs with faster low-power writes, ease-of-use and increased security. Now, this series is expanding again!



The ultra-low-power MSP430FR4x and MSP430FR2x MCUs are perfect for applications needing a smaller memory footprint. These MCUs have up to 16 KB of non-volatile FRAM, with an unmatched 60 input/output pins! In addition to integration that includes a 10-bit ADC and new IR Modulation Logic, MSP430FR4x MCUs add the lowest power LCD controller on the planet. These MCUs consume less than 1 uA of current with the 256-segment LCD controller running in low-power modes. What's more, an integrated charge pump enables sustained contrast. Perhaps the most exciting feature of these devices is the software-configurable LCD pins that enable the user to simplify hardware layout or easily make changes to software in order to use a different LCD in a design.

Wondering how these new devices can help you? Take a look around your home and you can get a feel for the importance of ultra-low-power microcontrollers with an integrated LCD driver. It can be found in smart meters, thermostats and even remote controls. We have the resources and TI Designs to get you started!

If this incredibly flexible device sounds like it could help with your application, check out the MSP430FR4133 LaunchPad or the MSP-FET430U64D to get started today! Stay tuned for a full breakdown of the new LaunchPad, which is the first to include an on-board LCD!