MSP430 FRAM - Migration Made Easy

Other Parts Discussed in Post: MSP430FR6989, CC3100, ENERGYTRACE, MSP-FET

Interested in our new FRAM devices, but worried it will be difficult to get started? Think again! If you haven't already heard, the MSP430 team recently expanded its portfolio of ultra-low power FRAM microcontrollers with the release of the MSP430FR59x series and the sampling of the MSP430FR6989 devices. We want to make moving from your previous MCU as seamless as possible from device selection, to evaluation, to design.

 It is not always easy to pick the perfect device for your application, but we would like to make the process a little bit easier. With the new migration widget on our FRAM portal, you can see recommended migration paths from older MSP430 devices to the new MSP430FR59x/69x microcontrollers. Not only that, using this new tool, you can see side-by-side specification comparisons and even get quick access to datasheets, user guides and migration documents.


 Ready to start evaluating? The MSP430 team continues to deliver development tools for your needs. The MSP-EXP430FR5969 is a new LaunchPad rapid prototyping kit available for only $24.99. In addition to offering the common BoosterPack form factor for attaching components like the CC3100 for Wi-Fi connectivity, this particular LaunchPad features an on-board super capacitor for running without an external power source. But that's not all! If you want to maximize flexibility, you can purchase the design kits for the MSP430FR5969 and MSP430FR6989 MCUs. Coming with a target socket board (MSP-TS430RGZ48C or MSP-TS430PZ100D respectively) and the MSP-FET programmer/debugger, you have everything necessary to connect the new MSP430 FRAM MCUs to your system.

Ready to design? Head over to the FRAM support page or a specific device product folder to see our 6-part video series to get familiar with our new FRAM devices, peripherals, and tools. The product folders will also feature migration guides to make transitioning from flash to FRAM-based MSP430 MCUs a breeze! Not to mention the comprehensive family user guides we create for all of our MSP430 MCU families.

But wait, there's more! We didn't stop at documentation. Our software is there to make design and debugging easier than ever before. We have a number of software resources to help you get started in both Code Composer Studio (CCS) or IAR Embedded Workbench IDEs.

Another new addition, and a fantastic complement to ULP Advisor, is EnergyTrace++TM Technology. EnergyTrace+[CPU States]+[Peripheral States] offers a complete ecosystem for real-time power profiling and debugging. By combining the MSP430FR59x/69x devices, MSP-FET and the GUI within the CCS or IAR IDEs, this technology is the first to monitor current consumption, CPU state and peripheral state over time.

And don't forget the TI Resource Explorer. This intuitive GUI categorizes and organizes development resources for one-stop learning. MSP430Ware is included with the TI Resource Explorer and contains datasheets and more! It can even make coding easy with a selection of code examples for all MSP430 MCUs or a Driver Library to abstract peripheral configuration and use. Also available with MSP430FR5x devices is Grace, a graphical peripheral configuration tool that allows developers to spend less time configuring and initializing the many integrated peripherals found in MSP430 MCUs.

It should now be clear, that getting started on the new MSP430FR59x/69x FRAM microcontrollers is no problem at all! Learn more at and remember that help is just a click away with the E2E MSP430 forum.