Build the ultimate summer products with MSP430 MCUs!

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 Summer has arrived along with the sunshine and vacations that come with it! So how can MSP430 microcontrollers make it even better? Let’s look at a few examples:

It’s time the shade came to you

In Texas, it can get a bit warm out to say the least. What if finding shade was no longer a problem? With your new MSP430 FRAM LaunchPad you can turn your patio umbrella into the ultimate shade making machine! Consider adding Wi-Fi to your LaunchPad with the new CC3100 BoosterPack. By doing so, you could pull weather data off of the Internet and open the umbrella with a motor. Then add another motor to control the angle so the umbrella can keep you shaded no matter where the sun is shining. This is now possible with the DRV8711 BoosterPack, which contains everything needed to drive many different kinds of bipolar stepper motors and can also be repurposed as a dual brushed DC motor driver.

Connect your burgers to the cloud

Remember how the MSP430 LaunchPad paired perfectly with the ADS1118 BoosterPack? Connecting to a meat probe for local temperature measurement is not where it needs to end. Add the CC3100 and a cloud service like Exosite to connect all your devices to your burger. This means stepping inside for a glass of ice cold lemonade does not equal an overcooked burger anymore!

Turn up the music

Who wants to walk over to a sound system anymore? I am willing to bet your phone will be with you wherever you are. Why not revitalize your that old system with the CC2541 BoosterPack from Anaren? You could create your own application and turn your phone into a wireless remote!


Have these ideas provided the spark you needed to enhance your summer with MSP430 MCUs? Share what you have planned below, to make this a season to remember.

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