MSPMATHLIB: Amping up the Performance of MSP430 MCUs, but not the Power

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Interested in long battery life, but think the math required for your application is too much for the MSP430? Think again!

MSPMATHLIB is a new and accelerated library of floating point, scalar math functions. If you need scalar math functions, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of developing a fixed point algorithm to meet your performance needs, then this library is the answer. Figure 1 shows the decreased cycle time when implementing functions using MSPMATHLIB as opposed to existing MSP430 math implementations. Utilizing the intelligent peripherals of our MSP430 F5xx, F6xx and FRAM based MCU series, MSPMATHLIB can bring you up to 26x performance!

Now you can do more with our 16-bit MCUs than you ever imagined and can stay in low power modes longer to improve battery life in existing math intensive applications. No longer do you need to convert to fixed point math and reduce accuracy to get higher performance. This means better performance in applications such as utility metering and applications involving touch, graphics or sensors.
Want to see it in action? Check out this sweet video displaying the enhanced graphics performance enabled by MSPMATHLIB on one of our F5xx series devices.

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Learn more and download MSPMATHLIB for your CCS or IAR projects today to unlock the potential of your MSP430 MCU! Don’t forget to leave a comment below about how this library will enable your application. 
  • @ Paul van Ruth

    You need to point the compiler to where that file is located. Either place it in the same directory as your main.c that includes it or add the directory to the include options. If this doesn't work than I encourage you to post this question on the E2E forum.

  • It has been over a year since fulvio asked the same question that i'm going ask now. I've included the path and followed the directions in slau499 and still get

    Description Resource Path Location Type

    #1965 cannot open source file "msp430_math.h" main.c /math_test line 2 C/C++ Problem

    Many tthanks for any help!

  • @Fulvio Serpentini

    You need to point the compiler to where that file is located. Either place it in the same directory as your main.c that includes it or add the directory to the include options.

  • Im using CCS Version, Launchpad 5529. I followed the steps on the file and:

    fatal error #1965: cannot open source file "msp430_math.h"

    Any tip?

    Thank you.

  • @webmasterpdx

    I really appreciate your comments. You are totally correct in your statements about floating point math on an MSP and integer math as an option for the demo. We have found that many of our customers spend a great deal of time optimizing their code for better math performance and sometimes integer math is used to get to the required performance numbers without an MCU change. What is great about MSPMATHLIB is that we have done some of this optimization for you so that hopefully it can save time and effort on the development side. In addition, by providing a performance boost, this library can enable developers to stick with floating point math in applications where increased accuracy would be beneficial. This is definitely not meant to replace integer math, but to increase performance where floating point is ideal.

    To your questions about how we achieved this performance, the optimized library is proprietary. We did use some of the methods you mentioned as well as MSP430 specific hardware and optimizations.