New IR BoosterPack showcases remote control design with MSP430FR4x/FR2x MCUs

 Looking to create a solution for controlling your holiday lighting, television or air conditioning unit? Developing a universal remote control has never been easier!

The MSP430FR4x and MSP430FR2x microcontrollers are now available for order! These low-power MCUs feature up to 16 KB of embedded FRAM that can provide benefits from inherently protecting data to enabling data backup on power failure with its extremely fast and low-power writes. Beyond FRAM, the MSP430FR2x adds abundant IO and infrared modulation logic that minimizes the software development required for IR-based applications. The MSP430FR4x series even adds on a flexible and low-power segment LCD controller with software configurable pins and maintained contrast in low-power modes.

To get you started in minutes, we now are offering a new Launchpad Development Kit and BoosterPack Plug-in Module. The MSP430FR4133 LaunchPad enables low-cost development with the MSP430FR4133 microcontroller, on-board LCD controller, and the eZ-FET programmer/debugger. The infrared BoosterPack (BOOST-IR) enables developers to stack on an IR transceiver and keypad. These kits are also available at a discounted price when you purchase the bundle (MSP-BNDLFR4133IR).

The provided sample software enables a learn mode, for easily storing commands from another remote control. Another mode enables communication between two LaunchPads with IR BoosterPacks for developing both the IR transmitter and IR receiver in an application.

Ready to get started? Order the MSP-BNDL-FR4133IR today! For information on using the IR Modulation Logic on the MSP430FR4x and MSP430FR2x microcontrollers check out this application note.

Tune in next week for an overview of the latest TI Designs showcasing full system solutions from remote controls to thermostats that can benefit from infrared communication.