New production programmer for MSP430 is available now! Introducing the MSP-GANG

Part Number: MSP-GANG


Name: MSP-GANG Production Programmer for MSP430

Price: $249

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The MSP-GANG is a new production programmer for the MSP430 family of Ultra-Low Power MCUs, enabling developers to program up to 8 MSP430 targets at once! Be the talk of your town (or production line) and get your MSP-GANG today! It also comes with a GUI to streamline production.



  • 3x Faster than the previous GANG programmer version, MSP-GANG430
  • Quickly and reliably program Flash or FRAM-based MSP devices via an RS-232 or USB interface
  • Several programming modes:
    • Interactive Mode – Programming while connected to PC using the MSP GANG Programmer GUI
    • Program from Image – An image can be stored, which contains configuration options and code files. This allows users to program MSP devices standalone, without a PC
    • Programming from Script – Enables developers to automate more complicated programming procedures.
  • Intuitive GUI for configuring, programming & testing production setup
  • SD Card slot for storing images
  • LCD screen for easy programming without a PC
  • Supports up to 8 targets simultaneously
  • Supports all current and future MSP430 devices


Learn more at the MSP-GANG Tool Folder!